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How to buy a Lazy J amplifier :
The amps i have in stock are just for demo, not for sale.
Waiting list is about 6 months.
I have two amps in stock for demo, but all models are of course available.
Prices are in GBP and will be converted in euros at the moment of your payment. All prices 21% belgium vat included.
Step 1 : You try the amps in my shop or jump to step 2.
Step 2 : You order the amp you want and make a deposit.
Step 3 : If you are kind and patient, after 6 months you will be able to come and pickup your amp at the shop, or i can ship it ....


Lazy J J20, 2237 GBP, reverb 362 GBP, tremolo 241 GBP

…is based on a late 50s classic that has helped define the voice of Rock & Roll.

This amp is a 2 channel, hand build, point to point wired amp, which delivers ca. 18 Watts into a 12”, 8 Ohm, Celestion Alnico Blue Speaker. The cabinet is built from finger jointed pine and covered with hand aged, lacquered tweed.

The 2 channels are marked Normal and Bright with a Volume control for each one. The Tone control affects both channels equally.

Looking at the 4 inputs from the back of the amp, the 2 on the right are for the Normal Channel and the 2 on the left are for the Bright Channel.
Both inputs labeled 1 are higher gain than the ones labeled 2.

The interesting thing is that the both Volume controls are interactive. The Volume of the Channel you’re not plugged into has an effect on the tone/tightness of the Channel you are plugged into. In other words, if your guitar is plugged into the Bright Channel, the Normal Channel Volume affects the way the Bright Channel responds. This is subtle, but definitely audible. With the Bright Volume turned up to any given setting, and the Normal Volume off, you hear the sound of the Bright Channel alone…by turning the Normal Channel up about halfway, you hear an increase in low mids. By turning the Normal Volume up to 10, the bottom end will tighten up…from 10 – 12 the sound will get choked, compressed and become quieter. This can be used to get interesting tonal variations from the amp.

The amp is set up with a GZ34 rectifier and a pair of 6L6s in the power amp, and uses two 12AX7s. However, for a different feel and character, the amp will take a 5Y3 rectifier and a pair of 6V6s without the need of re-biasing.

An optional feature that can be added to the amp in place of the Ground Switch, is a Variable Attenuation Control (VAC), which allows the user to dial seamlessly from full output down to ca. 5 Watts while retaining the amps character all the way along.

Upon request, a Lazy J Reverb module can be added to the amp. It is a tube driven reverb circuit with a full size reverb tank, adding another dimension to the amp. The reverb circuitry and controls are housed in a small enclosure that is mounted to the inside of the cabinet, on the right hand side, looking at the amp from the back. The controls, Reverb Volume and Reverb Tone, are easily accessible.

The module is supplied with a Cut Off footswitch.

Variable Attenuation Control (VAC)

This circuit allows the user to reduce the Output of the amp in an even sweep from Full Power down to less than 5 Watts. However, this is not a Master Volume.

This circuit retains the amps tone and response while reducing its Output Volume.

In other words, you turn your amp up to get the tone you want… which might make it too loud for certain situations. Now you can turn the amp down with the VAC to exactly the level you need…while retaining all the character and response of your sound.

This circuit is an optional feature on the Lazy J 20.

However, it can be retro-fitted to most amps under 40 Watts.


Lazy J J10 LC, 2116 GBP, reverb 362 GBP, tremolo 241 GBP

The J10 LC started out as a custom order for a 10 watt combo… and over a period of 2 years it slowly changed into what it eventually became: The J20’s little brother.

Originally, because of the restrictions of a smaller cabinet and chassis, the J10 used a solid state rectifier and had just one channel. Then there were voices asking me if it would be possible to have 2 channels, like the J20... and a tube rectifier. So to satisfy my own curiosity, I built a J10LC (Large Cabinet) prototype. And it just ticked all the boxes.

So, like the J20, the J10LC has two channels, Bright, and Normal… and
like on the J20, they are interactive.

The amp comes with the VAC attenuator, mid boost and bass cut and a
Celestion Alnico Blue as standard.

Reverb and Tremolo are optional add ons, as on all the other Lazy J

Soundwise, the J10LC really straddles the line between home/studio use
and smaller gigs.

For anyone who feels the J20 is a bit too much for the environment they
usually play in, the J10LC will be perfect.

It delivers J20 tone and response, with all its harmonic complexity, but
does it at a more manageable power level.

Because of the lower power level and choice of tubes, the J10LC has a
bit more natural compression and drive which really makes it sing.