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AKG Sound Design, Dumble amplifiers handmade in Japan.

Updated: May 13

Rosewood board, Dumbleator fxloop, spring reverb are available options.

Vintage model is also available once a year ( in the best case ), these models are made only with vintage parts.

Dumble tube preamp, made to use with your amplifier and effect pedals are available too.

Different models from 5 to 100 watts will give you the Dumble tone in your appartment, your studio or on big stages.

Atsuhisa Akagi worked as a design engineer at Sony electronics for years. Long time vintage guitars and amplifiers collector, and now owner of a solid collection..

A real music lover and player, impressed by the tone of Robben Ford he search for years to reach that tone. At that time it was the beginning of internet and not so many information was available.

So, he search and try many solutions for ten years, before he was able to reach the objective.

All amplifiers, preamp and effects are handmade custom order. Long delay for delivery of course..

All amps are available as head or combo.

Trainwreck clone is on the bench and news about that will follow.

A must try...

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