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AKG Sound Design, Dumble type amplifiers

AKG amplifiers are handmade in Japan by Akagi Atsuhisa

Mr Atsuhisa works as an engineer at the Sony corporation for years. His passion has always been music and instruments. He's a big collector of vintage guitars and amps.

So, he decide to quit Sony and start his own business with his own company. Manufacturing guitars and Dumble type amplifiers.

Inspired by the Dumble #002 which is the Robben Ford first Dumble amplifier.

Mr.Atsuhisa use only the best component, rosewood turet board or circuit board, many options available and many different models such as 8,22,36,50,100 watts. Combo or head.

Many different finish are also available.

A vintage version is also available, made only with vintage parts, but this take time and he can produce only one of these each year, if he found all the parts.....

These amplifiers are the result of years of test and research that start before internet !

Please check all videos and reviews available on the web

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