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Vintage guitars or reissue ?

Updated: Apr 9

King Snake guitars, made in japan guitars. The soul, the tone and the feelings of the vintage guitars.

But brand new.

Only the King Snake rattle inside the body is missing with these guitars, it's up to you to add it .....

Well, big subject and never ending discutions ....

Vintage guitars are history, historical because they were build decades ago, but mainly because everything start at that time...

If you own one of these guitars, you are part of history too... I mean, that's your feeling...

So, do all vintage guitars offer that beautiful " Back to the future " sensation ?... Clearly, no !

I can't stop myself to smile when i see all those vintage guitars appearing in vintage guitar shops, auctions or market places...

Understand me, if you have the money and if you found a good sounding and playing original piece, then go for it !

Another solution is to search for a reissue model. I will take the exemple of the King Snake guitars :

The main objective was to recreate these vintage models but brand new, no relic job at all. just like if you "Back to the future" in the 50's enter in a shop and buy a new guitar.

Your benefit :

- All the defects of the vintage guitars are corrected on these new instruments.

- Manufactured like in that era, in Terada factory in Japan which is the best factory for semi and hollow body.

- Ultra thin filler and ultra thin 100% nitro finish. Do not confuse with the usual "Nitro finish" of the other japanese brand which is in fact a poly finish and only few last vernish layer are made with nitro.

- Each model have his own pickup specs

- Low production level and care to every details, the goal is to build a brand new vintage guitar !!!

- Super light, from 2,1 kg to 2,9 kg

- Fat, jazz and blues tones

- And the most important :

The tone, the feeling, and the soul of the vintage guitars !!!

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