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Tsuji Guitars, handmade in Japan, custom guitars.

Tsuji Shiro,

Born in Gokayama in 1945, Shiro Tsuji has been attracted to music and guitar since he was a child. In order to pursue my dreams, "I joined the Tea Instrument Stringed Instrument Factory in Kyoto. However, at that time, the Tea Instrument Stringed Instruments Factory mainly handled orchestral stringed instruments such as contrabass, and did not handle guitars at all.

In the absence of a guitar model, I undertook guitar repairs for Gibson Martin and others, and researched and researched the structure thoroughly.

Based on the technology cultivated at the factory and the knowledge gained by investigating the structure by repairing the guitar, we will complete Japan's first single-plate machined jazz guitar."

Since then, Chaki's guitar has become one of Japan's leading brands.

At our workshop, even ordinary guitars can achieve the same sound quality as high-end materials. For example, even Sitka spruce material can achieve the same sound quality as the finest Adirondack spruce material.

Good sound quality is determined by processing technology. Even if it is a general material, it will be much better if it is processed excellently. Obviously, if you use good materials, the sound quality will be even better.

At our workshop, we make the highest quality guitars with the technology cultivated through 50 years of research and trial and error.

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