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AKG Sound Design, 36w ODS, Dumble type amplifier. In stock for demo only. Available in head or combo, 8w, 22w, 36w, 50w or 100w. All options available.

AKG Sound Design, Dumble amplifiers. Handmade in Japan. 36/18 w ( run 2 or 4 6V6s tubes ) head inspired by Dumble #002 model ( Robben Ford ), 6V6s power tube, reverb, effect loop. Footswitch for reverb, overdrive and boost. Interactive and sensitive settings. Fit to the tone and the spirit. This is a confident product that is the result of many years of research into the Dumble Overdrive Special.

Each unit is hand-wired and assembled from carefully selected parts, and all cabinetry and painting is done by hand in our workshop.

Size (36W model): 525mm(W)x310mm(H)x260mm(D) Weight: approx. 18kg 

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