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Swart Night Light attenuator, out of stock

Swart Night Light attenuator

Swart Night Light Junior attenuator, out of stock

Smaller is better sometimes. In this case, the all hand-wired Night Light Jr attenuator packs a punch in a tiny package. We wanted something to hide in the port of the ST-6V6se, Atomic Jr, STR-Tweed, and STR-Tremolo. An attenuator that's more simple and bare bones, something designed for the low watt sect that brings that GREAT breakup without frequency loss, and something you can MOUNT and not fuss with, with minimal worry. It's here with the Night Light Jr.

This little diminutive sparkle beast sounds sublime but with less features than our original Night Light and really designed for mounting vs stand alone. Max of 15w for amplfiier with 4-8ohm output transformer. We're really loving the way it brings that Swart Low Watt breakup at more manageable levels within the smaller combos. Has a linear pot and bypass switch. Blue LED within lights when signal flows.

The Night Light Jr is fine for ANY amplifer that is 15w or less with 4-8ohm Output Transformer.

Hand-Wired • Mounting screws~easy install in cab
Designed for Amps 15w or Less • Perfect Low watt Solution
Full Bypass Switch • Linear Pot w/wide attenuation range
4-8ohms Trans

Swart Stereo Master 20 & stereo cab, out of stock

Swart Stereo Master 20 Head
20w + 20w All Tube Stereo w/Master Volume • 6V6/6L6 • Tube Reverb • 2X Tube Tremolo • Tube Rectification • HUGE Swirling Tone Monster!

This amazing amp has really been a long time coming but the wait is worth it. This is our greatest 6V6/6L6 stereo push-pull effort to date .We're talking TWO 20 watt amps in one chassis, each with separate controls for EQ & tone along with tube/spring tank reverb and 2X Tube Tremolo with a unique Stereo Master Volume control. Simply put, you have to hear it to understand how BIG this thing sounds. And not only can this amp be used as a traditional stereo amp, either into our 2x12 cab or two sep cabs with more spread, you can opt to employ as a legitimate consolidated WET/DRY setup in ONE head going to two diff cabs. The dark tweed head is truly something special. And it will take 6V6 or 6L6 for a bit more headroom. Rectifier options include 5AR4 and 5Y3 for most sag/compression and sweetness.

18-20w x 2 • Stereo Master Volume • Tube Reverb • 2X Tube Tremolo • Run 6V6 or 6L6 • Volume x 2 • Tone x 2 • Standby • Foot Switch • 2x EQ • Carbon Comp Resistors • Mallory • Sprague • JJ Caps • Channel 1&2 Stereo Outputs to drive external cabs • 4/8/16 ohm selectable Outputs for each amp

Stereo Master 20 Head.........10¼"(H) 22”(W) 9 3/8”(D) 35lbs
2x12 Stereo Cab..................28" W x 17.5" T x 13" D ~ 46 lbs

Swart Antares, Tremolo cab, out of stock

So, now the Antares is available in the AST Tremolo size.
This mean, smaller, lighter, but still with the Antares monster tone !!!

Michael took some of the best qualities of the MOD84
and Atomic Space Tone to create this new Tone Monster
Twin 6V6/6L6 • 3-way EQ • Tube Reverb/Tremolo
Tube Rectification 5AR4/5Y3/5U4
Holographic, harmonically Rich Cleans with
Excellent Power Tube Break-up when pushed

After eight months of development, the latest greatest beast is currently under the iron, cabinets in the making, soon to be on the floor of your nearest Swart Dealer. Michael's all fired up about this new amp and I told him I would maybe give it back if the sun ever came out.

So take some of our favorite qualities from the MOD84 and mix it with some of our favorite takes from the AST with that venerable 6V6/6L6 3D holographic, ethereal voodoo... What do you get? Frankly, it's like no other Swart while being like EVERY Swart. It's the ANTARES and we are smitten with this beast, even if a bit biased about our youngest child.

It's more than an 18w AST on steroids, more than an AST with top mounted controls. It's the Swart Magic worked on twin, push-pull 6V6 with a bit bigger reverb, deeper bottom-end foundation, with a new custom output transformer borrowed from the MOD84 Lineage. It has our killer three-way EQ ala STR-Tremolo, our single-ended favorite. Toss in the AST's all time favorite, über sweet tube bias tremolo and you have the makings of an addiction. And yes, it does have top mounted controls for easy access. And to top it off, it's all housed within an all new Pine cab with tilted back baffle.

Swart Atomic Space Tone, out of stock



Michael Swart comments on his latest amplifier:

The idea of the Atomic Space Tone hit me when I was working on a vintage Gibson Scout guitar amp. It had Reverb, Tremolo, and 15 watts of pure rocking vintage tone power but only three preamp tubes and two EL-84 output tubes. I thought to my self - I have never seen an amp that could do so much with so little and sound surprisingly good. But I knew it could be even better. I knew something could be built revolving around my favorite little tone generator, the 6V6. I sent a note of thanks to my cohort for the inspiration for one of the best amplifiers I have ever built and the only thing I have found to equal the soul and amazing tone of the ST-6V6se but with MORE power.

I call it the ATOMIC SPACE TONE. And damn if it's not a winner - this beast sounds amazing.

This amp brings more tube soul than I thought possible, even compared to some of my favorite vintage amps. We are talking ALL TUBE circuitry, even the Tremolo and Reverb, all leading into the excellent 12" Mojotone BV-25m speaker.

see full size view
- Click above for full -
See full size - Atomic Space Tone Amplifier
The heart of the matter - Atomic Space Tone Chassis with all tube circuitry (now with high/low inputs) - Click for FULL view

I am actually so excited by this amp both aurally and visually. It's the second in our Tweed Series which takes our excellent finger jointed pine cabinet and covers it with top quality tweed, adding a lacquer to give it durability and that vintage, timeless look. We then add a rich, dark lacuer tweed on the sides which gives this amp a totally distinctive appearance. When we play out with this beast, everyone that "knows" comes up to inquire about the AST, this on the sound AND looks. Just like the original ST-6V6se, there is nothing out there like it.

The AC is cleaned and rectified by the reliable JJ 5AR4, this a very robust tube providing excellent sonics due to the total lack of solid-state circuits in the rectification stage (SS rectification leads to a more hard/harsh tone and slams the tubes on power-up causing excess tube wear). A heavy duty, JJ 500V Surface mount capacitor is the mains filtering device.

Powered by Twin EH 6v6's putting out 18-22 cathode biased Watts; the twin 6V6s seem to really put out an amazing mixture of soul~tone. We love this combo! (You can also sub 6L6s for a bit more headroom due to the extra beefy Heyboer Power Transformer,

A 12AX7 does duty as the driver and bias regulated Tremolo. Ever heard tube tremolo? You will now. Simply put, if you're a tremolo fan, you won't go back.

Reverb is all tube. Tube Reverb is the only way to go and our implementation leaves the competition sounding two-dimensional.

The first preamp tube is another dedicated rocking 12AX7 to drive this beast to Mount St. Helens and back. Our whole driver/preamp circuit has been optimized from months of testing. The AST sings like no other.
Custom built, Heavy Duty, power and output transformers - HeyBoer USA - The New Leader

Carbon Comp Resistors for the BEST tone. Period.

Mallory, Sprague and JJ Caps - only the best, all considered for their appropriate roles

Finest silver tinned cloth & Teflon covered wire

Hand Wired, point to point

Standby Switch - amp warmed up|extends tube life
High and low inputs for high and low output pickups

Dedicated 2-button foot switch for reverb & tremolo

12" Mojotone British Vintage Series BV-25m

And a hand-made, finger jointed pine cabinet covered in light with dark tweed tweed side panels. This cabinet is part of the magic of the Atomic Space Tone - We tested many different cabinet configurations and wood choices until we found the magic of the AST combo.

Dimensions: 18" T x 15 1/2 W x 9 1/2 D ~ 29lbs

Swart MOD 84, Celestion alnico Cream, out of stock

15w Push-Pull w/Tube Rectification ~ Nails IT!

And now for something different... Swart using the 6BQ5? Well, we wanted to shift the paradigm and leave our favorite 6V6 for the the veritable EL-84, actually an early favorite of ours and still one today(especially now). Indeed, everything has a beginning and this hail to the EL-84 started years ago as a one of a kind, über cool suitcase amp, an amp we still power up with a grin to this day, and an amp in use BEFORE the seminal Space Tone 6V6se. Michael loved that suitcase enough to make it live on in sonic suitcase heaven, socks replaced with hand laid wire, irons, and tubes. While finding a suitcase for every tone junkie seemed daunting, a cool pine cab combo covered in vintage style tolex seemed a logical way out. Enter the all-new MOD 84....

While the MOD 84 had its beginnings within that cool, yet humble, suitcase, it's morphed into something far more. This is the new shop favorite and just such a blast to play! The MOD 84 is a strong 15wpc, powered by two EL-84 with 12AX7 first stage and our favorite 12DW7 for that great Swart reverb. Once again, Michael employs a very simple tone cut that follows our less is more for lower wattage amplifiers. And our new 3 way interactive EQ switch gives the user subtle yet defined control with three settings that actually interacts with the volume and attack. Add in the excellent Swart tube tremolo stage along with our favorite tube rectification, and you have a legitimate rival to the AST but with that bit of EL-84 take.

All Tube circuit ~15w twin EL-84 High Class A Bias AB
Swart's first EL-84 amp ~ Push-Pull EL-84 Power!
Cathode "AUTO" Bias (no need to bias)
12AX7(2) - 12DW7(1)- EL-84(2) - GZ34 or 5Y3(1)
Tube Rectification ~ GZ-34/5Y3 for compression/earlier breakup
Top Mounted Controls for Front/Back Access
3-Way Interactive EQ Switch
Tube Reverb via 12DW7 with Spring Tank
Tube Tremolo with Custom Speed Sweep/Depth
Hi/Lo Inputs for better PU Output matching
Hand wired point to point ~ Made in USA
Standby Switch ~ Warm-up up extends tube life
Carbon Comp Resistors for BEST TONE
Teflon covered High Purity Copper Wire
Mallory, Sprague & JJ Caps, selected for Application
8ohm Custom Wired Heavy Duty Output Transformer
Dedicated 2 button foot switch
Extra Large Rubber Feet for Vibration/Protection
Solid, finger-jointed Pine Cabinet ~ Vintage Inspired Coverings
1x12 & 2x10 cab ~ Creamback/Gold/Blue/Options Available
Dimensions: 26 x 15.5 x 10.5 39lbs

Swart Space Tone Tremolo, alnico blue, out of stock

People have been asking for this beast and now it's finally here...
The NEW STR-Tremolo!
5W CLASS A - Single-Ended - TUBE REVERB - TUBE TREMOLO 12" Speaker - 6V6/6L6

Yep, the STR-Tremolo will have the same soul and basic circuit as the STR-Tweed, just with:

The addition of a great tremolo stage
(along with a revised and more surf Zone Reverb Stage)

The addition of a 3 way EQ Switch that makes
the STR-Trem more flexible

Available in the original STR "Tuxedo" 60s style
or the AST Style Tweed cab.
Push comes to shove, I think the STR-Tremolo does have a touch less gain than the STR-Treed as the Tremolo section will take place of the extra gain stage in half of the 12AX7. On the other hand, it will still have much of the STR-Tweed's great tone, immediacy, growl, and touch sensitivity. Drop in the Atomic Boost, and you get it back and more. I really dig this amp and have been playing it daily since we finally got it off the bench.

5W CLASS A ~ Single-Ended Output
Zero Negative Feedback
100% Tube Circuit - GZ34 or 5Y3 Valve Rectifier
Big Swart Tube - Spring Tank Reverb - Foot Switchable
Swart Tube Tremolo - Foot Switchable
3 way EQ Switch ~ Full, Natural, Low Cut
Powered by choice of 6V6 ~ 6L6 (shod w/6V6)
JJ 12AX7(2) - JJ 12DW7 - EH 6V6GT - JJ GZ34 Rectifier
Point to Point Hand Wired Circuit
Cathode Biased (no need to bias)
Carbon Comp Resistors ~ Mallory Caps
Cloth Hook-Up Wire
Hi/Lo Input for High & Low powered Pickups
Heaters referenced to ground
Standby Switch for tube warm-up, extending tube life
All Swart Amplifiers employ Star Grounding
4/8 ohm 1/4" Out - Drive other Speaker/Cabinet
Switchcraft 1/4 inch inputs and output
CTS Potentiometers
Custom High Quality USA Built Swart Spec Iron
Speaker: 12" Mojotone BV-30H ~ 8 ohm
Finger-Jointed, solid Pine Cabs w/Two Build Options
Vintage Jewel Lamp ~ Circuit Fuse Protected
Two-Button Footswitch for on/off Reverb & Tremolo
Dimensions: 17" W x 10 3/4" D X 16 3/4" H (w/feet) ~ 29.5lbs

Space Tone Atomic Jr, out of stock

Swart Atom
Swart Space Tone ATOMIC JR
~ hover with mouse to see back of amp ~
**Click above for full view of back of Atomic Jr
If only words could actually convey sound fully; they always fall short to some extent. And that's where I stand with the Space Tone Atomic Jr, the latest amazing, soulful little amp from the hands of Michael Swart.

The new ST-Atomic Jr starts off with the heart of our ever-popular ST-6V6se with the addition of a year in the making, triode reverb stage utilizing a dedicated 12DW7 fed into a nifty spring tank for surprisingly BIG REVERB, especially for a cabinet this size. Actually, for ANY size cabinet. (Wait till you hear Greg V's samples ).

The tonal variations and REVERB in this little monster must be be heard to be believed. Most amps this size attempting reverb and big tone tend to be underwhelming. Not so with the 14lb Class A ST-Atomic Jr.

Single-Ended Output - Zero Negative Feedback
100% Tube Circuit - GZ34 or 5Y3 Valve Rectifier
Big Swart Tube Reverb via 12DW7 & Spring Tank
Hot and Clean mode Switch
Powered by choice of 6V6 or 6L6 (shod w/6V6)
JJ 12AX7 - JJ 12DW7 - JJ 6V6GT - JJ GZ34 Rectifier
Point to Point Hand Wired Circuit
Cathode Biased (no need to bias)
Carbon Comp Resistors ~ Mallory Caps
Cloth Hook-Up Wire
Heaters referenced to ground
All Swart Amplifiers employ Star Grounding
4 ohm 1/4" Out - Drive other Speaker/Cabinet
Switchcraft 1/4 inch input and output
CTS Potentiometers
Custom High Quality USA Built Swart Spec Iron
Speaker: 8" Weber Signature ~ 4 ohm
Finger-Jointed, solid Pine Cab w/ Lacquer Tweed Cover
Vintage Jewel Lamp ~ Circuit Fuse Protected
Dimensions: 13 3/4T x 13W x 7 1/4 D @ 14lbs

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